2×2 Weave Training

Click this link to download a printable version: 2x2-Weave-Training-Around-the-Clock-CD-ONLINE-Agility.pdf (71 downloads)

Before you can start training with four poles (two sets of 2×2’s), your dog must be able to hit his entries “Around the Clock”.

This diagram (and printable PDF) can help you practice more effectively at home.

Let’s say our starting position is “One” (both the dog and the handler are standing on the “One”), the diagram shows the correct entry assuming you are starting at “One”.

Notice, other than starting at “One”, every other number is also available as a starting position except “Noon” and “Six”.

Thus, both the dog and the handler should be able to start standing on ANY number (other than “Noon” and “Six”), and hit the correct entry WITHOUT handler assistance. You should be able to do this up to 10 feet away.

Remember, the dog must enter the weaves so that the first pole is at his left shoulder. Have fun!