Beginning Training of Directionals

This lesson is on Directionals. Specifically, Rights and Lefts. Rights and Lefts are very useful Directionals, because they tell your dog to not only turn away from you, but also turn toward you (assuming you train them properly).

Essentially, if your dog is ahead of you on course, and they truly understand their Rights and Lefts, you could ask them to turn Right or Left regardless of which side of the dog you are on.

Right and Left also indicates a tighter turn. It is not meant to create a slow or gradual change of direction, but rather a turn.

For Step 1 of Right and Left you actually want to train each direction in separate training sessions. You should train one direction, take a break, then train the other direction in another training session. You do not want to do Right and Left in the same training session until your dog is able to do both directions entirely on verbal cues.

 As demonstrated in the above video, the handler lures the dog in a full circle while pairing the verbal cue to the action.

The lure starts large and progressively becomes a smaller and smaller circle-lure as the dog is starting to anticipate the turn.

If the dog starts jumping up or not completing the turn while you are attempting to train the directional, you have probably tried to decrease the size of the circle-lure too quickly.