Confirming understanding of the Directionals

For Step 3 of training Directionals, you move your dog from your front to your side. This is how you make side the dog still understands the Directional in this new position.

Remember, dogs don’t generalize well, so it is important that you give them this training in Steps, otherwise you are going to find that they fail when you try to add your Directionals into sequencing or equipment.

When you first bring your Directional training to your side, you should bring back your hand-cue-lure to assist with the transition to understanding this behavior in the new position.

Don’t forget, Directionals should be able to turn your dog toward you or away from you, so be sure to turn the dog both directions while on each side of you.

Just like in Step 2, be sure to go from a large lure, to a smaller lure, to no lure. You want your Directional cues to be entirely verbal, so fading of the lure is very important.