Creating Drive Through the Turn

Agility courses today are very technical.

In order to be more efficient and do the best you can, your dog needs to understand how to take a jump turn tightly.

We start at the very beginning. We like to use toys or treats depending on the dog.

We like to have our dog in drive, but if the dog is too drivey, he won’t execute a tight turn from the start. That dog, then, might need to start with treats to engage the brain.

Treats create a thinking dog; toys create drive.

Oftentimes with puppies or beginner dogs, we may start with a cone (depending on the size of the dog). If you are working with a small dog, you may want to start with something smaller than a cone such as a pole.

With that cone or pole, you want to bring your food or toy right around the obstacle and lay it along the ground, touching the obstacle.

As you release your dog, you want to drag the food or toy around the obstacle. You should be watching for your dog’s head down and turning tightly around the obstacle. If your dog is running with his head up or turning loosely, you may be moving your food or toy too quickly.

For a demonstration, watch the video below.