How to train the Front Cross behavior.

Training the Front Cross initially is done on the flat with absolutely no equipment.  In the beginning, you can be quite close to your dog.  Simply extend the hand furthest from your dog forward and in front of the dog, then rotate in front of your dog and lure your dog into a turn, then reward for the completion of the turn.

Tip: If you get confused about which way to turn, you can put painters tape on the ground to assist you with the correct line. Remember, the Front Cross is a turn, so you do not want a straight line. You need to turn, and make an L shape path for the dog.

Dogs learn with repetition and consistency. Therefore, each step that we are showing you will require a lot of repetition to become a reliable behavior. You will also want to change locations when training the behavior. You do not want the location or the same set up of equipment to be the stimulus for the behavior. The cue should always remain the same, but the location and equipment set up should change a lot to generalize the behavior.