You’ve completed all 6 Front Cross Lessons!

Important points to remember:

  • To begin training the front cross, you need to reward for the side change to create a solid understanding of the cue before you chain obstacles. Train and reward both sides.
  • You must be ahead of your dog to execute a timely front cross.
  • Handler motion should be in the direction of the next obstacle.
  • A front cross should be used to indicate a turn and a handler side change. Never front cross on a straight line or you will dilute your turn cue.
  • The rotation of the front cross should be completed prior to the dog taking off to jump. Once your dog is in the air he can no longer prepare for the turn.
  • Correct handler timing of the front cross rotation is dependent upon the dog’s commitment to the obstacle.

With enough practice you will begin to understand your dog’s commitment point and how your timely rotation affects his take-off and landing.